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Anyways, fuckin' life. Life is such a damn bi-polar scum bag. Can't ever count on one thing. Then again, I'd rather it be this way than be predictable in any way. I spent most of today re-typing my research paper. Every time I feel like I made a mistake, I end up butchering it and having to replace whole sections. Damn the english language.

When did people become so dang stupid? The workload at Fedex is insane, thinkin' about quitting. There's no point for me to be there any more, the pay is decent but I can live without it quite easily for a little while. Also, kinda new at this whole livejournal thing, so I'm not sure what else to say for my first legitimate post. 

Oh, and I'm not mean. I'm opinionated. Big difference.

Writer's Block: And now for something completely different
If you could change one thing about yourself, except for looks, what would it be?

I'd give myself the ability to give a shit. People have told me that they're getting tired of my lack of emotion. It's frightening, to be honest, how much I don't care. Also, it's tiring pretending like I do.

What is your purpose? I forget what tumblr does too. Getting tired of useless sites. Plus, blogging is for people that have the time. FML.


Writer's Block: Get those creative juices flowing
Who has most influenced you the most creatively, and how?

Marcus Aurelius. Pretty sure no one will read this, so I'll leave it blank. =]


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